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What’s this all about? It is about reaching our young ones in ways that will give them connectedness to their hearts, and realization of their connectedness to the universe. It is about each child going through life with a positive knowing about themselves and the universe, and thereby becoming a creator of a wonderful life, and sharing what they know with others.

The primary avenue I am using to accomplish this, is through writing children’s books. Kids On Autopilot is my place to share these books with you, in the hope that in turn, they will be shared with the children of the universe. Our children are our best resource, our optimal opportunity for permanently changing the world for the better.

Until around six years of age, children are in a theta mind state. While in this state, everything that is experienced is stored in the subconscious, and becomes part of the fabric of the brain. This is the time when beliefs about themselves and their world are formed. My books will help ensure that our children become magnets for success in every area of their life, from an early age onward.

Having learned the life success skills will improve our children’s self-esteem, confidence, passions, compassion, unconditional love, cooperation, consistency, persistence, capabilities, positive attitude, positive feelings, positive knowing and so much more. If these attributes are part of their being from the beginning, just imagine what they will be able to accomplish, what they will contribute to the world!

As Kids On Autopilot develops, I will also be sharing a multitude of additional resources, links, programs, articles, videos, etc. that I have found to help others to inspire our children.

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